Gothic Girl Art Magazine 2017 July Concept & Photography~Tom Libertiny Model~Hannah Eadeh Costume~Andrew Martina MUHA~Charlee HM MUHA assistant~Adam Hynes

Goth Music

A few days ago, we relaunched Gothic Girl Art Magazine.  What better way to celebrate than to dive into the state of Goth music across the world.  For June and July we’re on an exploration to find out the state of Goth music. But more importantly, our intent is to discover the motivation between music […]

Music Review~HafLife

A ranting nightcrawler out for some bootycore HafLife’s music sounds like it’s written in their historic Detroit home.  The wizardry located in their art-house hideout offset by a matte-black, 60’s era Cadillac droptop sitting in front.  If the Cadillac isn’t there, it should be. Pushing steel ‘til the red eyes drift away. I admit it, […]

Music Review~Secret Lie

Brusque and Gentle Pedro Teixeira Silva’s project Secret Lie veers between these two extremes. Blackout is an appropriate illustration where he weaves his emotional rollercoaster into a wonderful nightmare of life from their debut album Behind the Truth. “So wake up, open up your eyes.” Quiet storytelling accompanied by piano peacefully starts our journey which is […]