Symphonic, progressive rock, and metal are a few of the genres that many people name when they think of Goth music.  But what else is out there?

Gothic Girl Art Magazine
2017 July
Concept & Photography~Tom Libertiny
Model~Hannah Eadeh
Costume~Andrew Martina
MUHA~Charlee HM
MUHA assistant~Adam Hynes 

What’s the state of Goth music in America, Asia, and Europe?  Are there other places where Goth music is being written?

And what’s the motivation behind the music and lyrics of today’s Goth music?  Turmoil and the need of people to find a solid foundation?  Or is it the expression of rage driven by that same turmoil?

Or, is it simply the love of grand stories told through music?

Join us on our exploration of what the music and lyrical stories tell us about the state of modern-day Goth music.

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